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Mr. A's Inc. offers interactive entertainment for children and adults using baby dinosaur puppets. Our handlers dress in safari costumes and bring the prehistoric world to life. Our dinosaurs move and make noise, and children can pet them and take pictures with them. We work at fairs and festivals, creating a memorable experience for everyone. We are passionate about what we do and strive to bring joy and education to all our events.

"The baby dinosaur puppets were a huge hit with the kids! They were so realistic and interactive, and the handlers were great at engaging with the children. It was a fun and educational experience for everyone. I highly recommend Mr. A's Inc.!"
"Mr. A's Inc. was the highlight of our festival! The baby dinosaur puppets were so cute and realistic, and the handlers were incredibly talented. They brought so much energy and excitement to our event, and we received so many positive comments from our attendees. Thank you for an amazing experience!"
"We hired Mr. A's Inc. for our company picnic, and it was a hit with everyone! The baby dinosaur puppets were so much fun, and the handlers were great at interacting with both children and adults. It was a unique and memorable experience that everyone enjoyed. Highly recommend!"
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